Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oops! A Little Cow's Milk

Last weekend we left Barrett with a babysitter. We made the mistake of assuming she would remember from last time that he couldn't have gluten or milk since her sister has the same problem. Never assume anything. We came home to find a sippy cup with the last dregs of cow's milk in the bottom. (It was in the morning). That night at about 2 am Barrett woke up screaming, "poopy diaper!" Now I know how long it takes for a contaminant to affect him. I've changed a lot of diarrhea diapers since then. Today is the first day he hasn't had one...yet. Hopefully it has cleared his system by now. I felt so bad about it. He never complained about his stomach hurting though, and it didn't seem to affect his personality, which is good. Just diarrhea and diaper rash. Those contaminated diapers sure smell bad though!

We have finally ordered the protein drink the doctor recommended. I couldn't find it anywhere in stores and they changed the name to Regence Boost Fruit Beverage so it took me awhile. It also has whey protein from cow's milk and I wanted to make sure that wouldn't bother him before I forked out the dough. I bought some Special K protein water that has whey protein in it to test it out. It didn't seem to affect him so I went ahead and ordered a six pack of the Boost. Hopefully it won't bother him either because he really needs the nutrients. His fingernails are still peeling.